Training for Trainers

Very often, people become trainers because they are experts in their fields and they want – or are asked – to share their knowledge and expertise with others. As with public speaking, where there is a widespread misconception that, if you know about something, you can speak about it fluently and engagingly, when it comes to training it tends to be assumed that, if you can do something, you can teach other people how to do it. Of course a thorough understanding of the subject in question is undoubtedly a vital asset, but it is actually a separate issue from being able to convey that understanding to an audience or group of trainees. Just because I’m a native speaker of English, it doesn’t automatically follow that I can teach people of other nationalities how to speak my language; the fact that I may have 30 years’ experience of working in engineering doesn’t guarantee I can successfully train up new recruits; my familiarity and skill with the latest technology doesn’t necessarily mean I can explain clearly to others how to make it work for them. There’s a great deal more to it than that!

Customised Coaching for Trainers

Whatever your subject area, I can work with you to make your training more successful and satisfying, both for your trainees and for you.

I don’t run open courses: all my coaching is customised to meet the needs of individual clients and is almost always conducted one to one. Unless there’s a good reason for me not to, it makes sense for me to observe you delivering a course, so we’ve got something specific to work on and with – though what you learn from the coaching will apply equally to other courses you may give.

We’ll look at how to plan and prepare your training, where to start, how to convey the information in a way the trainees will understand and remember, what sort of materials and exercises to use to test their understanding and help them to retain what they’ve learnt, how to pace the course and how to deal with any problems that might arise.

We’ll also look at how to deliver your course in a way that stimulates and encourages the trainees to get stuck in, to enjoy and fully benefit from the training you’re providing. This includes how to make best use of your voice, how to stand and move, how to connect with your trainees and build a rapport with them.

For a bit more detail about Training the Trainer, please see my dedicated website, Effective Teaching and Training.

How to Arrange Your Training

Coronavirus update: During the national quarantine hiatus, coaching has moved online.

Details on the COVID-19 Special Arrangements page.

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