Sales Pitch Training

Whether you’re self-employed and thereby forced to take charge of bringing in the work as well as doing it, or whether you’re a technical (as opposed to a sales) person sent out by your company to secure contracts, it can be a stressful and dispiriting experience. Trying to persuade potential investors to finance your enterprise is hardly less nerve-racking. A couple of sessions of sales pitch training can make the difference between a “no” and a “yes!”.

An effective pitch relies on a combination of presentation and interpersonal skills to convince the people you’re talking to that yours are safe and expert hands. Whether it’s Dragons’ Den, part of the tendering process or a more informal meeting to discuss what you can offer, I can help you improve your chances of success.

In March 2020, I was booked to present a workshop at the Northern Business Expo, due to be held at the Manchester Central. With the advent of the coronavirus, the event had to be postponed until further notice – and Manchester Central has been turned into a Nightingale hospital. One day, the world will be ready for large-scale events again. Until then, here’s the blog post I wrote about Pitching Skills to Win Funding.

Presentation Skills Coaching

We’ll look at how to design and compose a presentation that will show you and your product or service in the best light and have maximum impact on the audience. We’ll also work on your delivery, so you’re putting yourself across with confidence and conviction.

The coaching will be tailored to you and your situation but, generally speaking, it will cover:

  • how to connect and build a rapport with your audience
  • how to make best use of PowerPoint or other visual aids
  • how to make best use of hand-outs
  • how to use your voice and body language to reinforce your message
  • how to handle questions.

Depending on the number of people you’re pitching to, you may stand or sit and the presentation may feel more like or less like a presentation. I’ll help you to match your performance to the size of the audience.

Coaching in Image Management

Of course, the pitch is more than the presentation, it’s everything from arrival to departure. We’ll also discuss and prepare you for the less structured part of the meeting, where you will be talking and negotiating outside the scope of a formal presentation. We’ll look at how to address any concerns the other party may have and we’ll make sure you’re projecting an image that commands their respect, in order that you can establish a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Role-playing and rehearsing with me what you’re planning to say will allow you to plug any gaps in your knowledge and sharpen your focus before the real event. It will also mean you’re more fluent and persuasive on the day because you won’t be having to think on your feet.

All this will help you feel more confident as you interact with your potential clients or investors, which in turn will increase the likelihood of them awarding you the contract or funding.

How to Arrange Sales Pitch Training

Coronavirus update: During the national quarantine hiatus, coaching has moved online.

Details on the COVID-19 Special Arrangements page.

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