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Coronavirus update: During the national quarantine hiatus, coaching has moved online.

Details on the COVID-19 Special Arrangements page.

If you’re looking for public speaking training in Manchester, you’re on the right page. Whether you’re building up to presenting at an international conference, whether you want to motivate your team with some pep talks, whether you want to make an impact on a group of potential clients/investors, whether you aspire to speaking at TEDx Manchester, whether you’re concerned about making a wedding speech… the principles are the same.

With a combination of practical skills and psychological strategies, you can make a success of public speaking in any situation – and even enjoy the experience!

The UK’s second city has a thriving business community, as well as staging an endless stream of cultural and sporting events, which means hundreds of speeches and presentations are being made every day. My mission is to take the stress out of this and help people to flourish as public speakers.

Public speaking training in Manchester is at the heart of what I do. I’m a public speaking coach and keynote speaker based in Manchester. I work with clients all over the UK but the majority are in the North West of England, particularly in and around Manchester, Salford and Stockport.

This short video gives you an overview of my approach to public speaking training and how I can help you.

Don’t struggle with public speaking when a bit of coaching can transform the experience for you.

Effective Public Speaking Training in Manchester

If you’ve never had any public speaking training (or if you’ve been on a public speaking course that didn’t work for you), you may perceive an enormous gulf between you and where you want to be. Let me assure you, this gulf can be bridged in a surprisingly short time – and, once you’re on the other side, the ground is firm and stable. The techniques I’ll teach you will stay with you forever and help you to put yourself across calmly and clearly, with authority and gravitas, to any audience.

Anyone and everyone can be good at public speaking: it’s simply a question of learning how to do it.

Group Course or One-to-One Coaching?

One-to-one coaching is the most effective and efficient way to learn public speaking. It’s personalised, it’s completely confidential and you have the maximum opportunity to practise the skills you’re learning.

However, group training still provides a lot of value. If you are an organisation with many people wanting/needing public speaking training, please get in touch and we’ll discuss how to organise it so they get maximum benefit from the course.

How does it work, the admin side?

It’s very easy! We arrange a time and a place to meet and we’re all set. I usually meet my clients at their workplaces, some at their homes, depending on the situation. As long as you can speak out without being overheard and we have enough space to visualise an audience, we can work in any environment. If you haven’t got anywhere suitable, or you would prefer to meet elsewhere, we can hire a meeting room somewhere convenient for you to get to.

For one-to-one coaching, a session lasts an hour and a half. This may be all you need, or you may want one or possibly two more sessions – but let’s start with one and see how you get on.

For corporate clients, my standard fee for an hour and a half of one-to-one coaching is £385. For charities and for private clients, my fees are lower.

Please get in touch and tell me a bit about your situation and objectives, so that I can quote you an exact fee.

Fast results

Woman giving a presentationLearning a new set of skills doesn’t have to take years – or even weeks. While of course you’ll go on getting better and better with practice and experience, mastering the techniques of successful public speaking can be done much more quickly and easily than you might imagine.

In an hour and a half, I can give you the tools you need to be an effective, confident public speaker. If we’re working one to one, about half my clients reach breakthrough in one session. Of the others, some take the tools and practise by themselves, knowing breakthrough is just around the corner, while some choose to have another session or two of guidance, support and supervised practice. However it pans out for you, having the skills and confidence to address a group of people so they listen and remember what you say is only a few hours of coaching away.

Let's make it happen!

Public speaking training in Manchester is easy to arrange. Particularly if it’s one to one, you can usually book a session for sometime in the next couple of weeks, if that’s what you’d like to do.

You can contact me through the form on the Contact page, you can email me on georgie[at] or you can ring me on 0161 943 7572. Let me know a little bit about your situation and objectives and we’ll make a plan to suit you.

Coronavirus update: During the national quarantine hiatus, coaching has moved online. Details on the COVID-19 Special Arrangements page.

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