Interview Skills Training

If you find it difficult to put yourself across at interviews, some coaching can change that. Interview skills training is not about encouraging you to be phony or boastful, it’s about encouraging the authentic you to shine through. As with public speaking and sales pitches, success at a job interview relies on thorough preparation – both practical and psychological – and on practice. I can help you with all that.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Before your interview, find out as much as possible about what is expected of you on the day and who is going to be interviewing you. Then you can make sure you’re well prepared for whatever challenges await. Beyond the conversation about your suitability for the job, you may be required, for example, to demonstrate a relevant practical skill or to make a presentation.

A huge part of the preparation, of course, involves thinking through the potential questions and coming up with answers that show you are the best candidate for the job. This is by no means as easy or straightforward as it may sound and it’s not enough just to have an idea of the sort of thing you might say on a given subject. You have to express yourself clearly and concisely, which takes practice. You need to speak fluently, confidently and enthusiastically, backing up your verbal communication with the right body language. All this is nigh on impossible to do in the heat of the moment if you haven’t worked on it in advance.

What Does Interview Skills Training Involve?

As well as helping you to refine and focus your ideas, I will coach you in delivery, so you can be sure you’re putting yourself across in a way that will make a positive impact on the interviewers and set you apart from the competition. We’ll discuss the best approach to difficult questions and what to do if something goes wrong. We’ll also role-play part or all of the interview, so you can practise articulating your thoughts and reinforcing your message with body language.

Alongside the practical aspects of this, we’ll work on the psychological side. It’s crucial you go into the interview in the right frame of mind, with the right level of confidence, and there are various strategies and solutions I can recommend to help you with this.

Presentation Skills Coaching

If making a presentation is going to be part of your assessment, you may or may not be told in advance what the subject is, so that you can prepare it and take along a set of PowerPoint slides. Either way, I can help you to do yourself justice on the day.

If it’s a prepared presentation, I can help you to develop a talk that will be as easy as possible to deliver and have maximum impact on the audience. We can work together on the slides you’re going to use and I can help you rehearse your presentation till you’re happy with it.

If part of the test is that you’re given ten minutes on the day to prepare a presentation, I can teach you how to approach that so as to produce a smooth, clear talk you can deliver with confidence.

How to Arrange Interview Skills Training

Coronavirus update: During the national quarantine hiatus, coaching has moved online.

Details on the COVID-19 Special Arrangements page.

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