COVID-19 Special Arrangements

The situation appears to be improving but we’re not out of the corona woods yet and I’m keeping special measures in place for those who need them.

Online coaching: Nail public speaking from the safety of your own home

If you’re looking for help with any aspect of public speaking and you’ve got a webcam and microphone, we can do one-to-one coaching online almost in the same way as we would if we were in the same room.

If what you want to work on is how to speak effectively and confidently to an online audience, at virtual meetings or in an online interview, it makes sense to do this online. (Read more about how to put yourself across online.)

Otherwise, working together in person is a few degrees easier. After months of lockdown, it’s safe now to meet up in a well ventilated space for one-to-one coaching. However, many people are in quarantine, share a house with someone vulnerable to COVID-19 or just don’t feel ready to interact in person yet.

If you feel safer working together online rather than meeting up in person, we can absolutely do that. In a pandemic, a cautious approach is a responsible approach. There’s no need to take any risks with health – but equally there’s no need to miss out on or postpone coaching that can vastly reduce stress and give you a huge advantage in life.

Two online sessions for the price of one offline

Working via Zoom is around 90% as effective as meeting in person. For this reason, to make certain you receive the full benefit from the coaching, I recommend booking two online sessions. If we’re meeting in person, I always suggest booking one session, after which you can decide whether you need another, but online it all takes just that bit more time and two sessions make a more solid foundation.

I’m happy to offer two virtual sessions for the price of one real-world session. Also, with many businesses struggling, I’m happy to coach all clients at my private rate, even if your company is paying for it. This means two 90-minute sessions for a total of £225.

How to arrange online coaching

Contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help you, then make a plan to suit you.

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