COVID-19 Special Arrangements

As we follow government advice to stay at home, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, life is moving more and more into the virtual world.

Online coaching: Nail public speaking from the safety of your own home

If you’re looking for help with any aspect of public speaking and you’ve got a webcam and microphone, we can do one-to-one coaching online almost in the same way as we would if we were in the same room.

Let’s work together if we can

Are you finding it difficult to put yourself across effectively in virtual meetings? Have you suddenly got to address a group of people over the internet, when at work you could talk to them individually? If the move online, away from the workplace, is causing you stress in terms of how you communicate with your colleagues, I can help you. (Read more about how to put yourself across online.)

Or are you stuck at home, unable to work productively and wondering how to make best use of the coming weeks? Learning how to speak effectively and confidently in public is an investment that will pay enormous dividends, whatever shape work turns out to be once this crisis is over.

Maybe you’ve got teenage or university/college-student children living with you, who would benefit from learning how to present with impact, how to put themselves across effectively in interviews and/or how to debate and take an active part in meetings and discussions. This could be a good opportunity (let’s be positive) to acquire these skills.

Extra time and mates’ rates

I’m happy to offer two virtual sessions for the price of one real-world session. Also, with many businesses struggling to cope with customers being required to stay away, I’m happy to coach all clients at my private rate, even if your company is paying for it. This means two 90-minute sessions for a total of £225.

If you’re funding the coaching yourself and your own income has been hit by this situation, I’m willing to charge even less.

While I’m lucky I can continue coaching online, a good chunk of my work is public speaking, delivering talks as opposed to supporting others to do that. Since the events have all been cancelled, I’m not doing any public speaking at the moment and consequently have some unaccustomed time on my hands. I would rather help you than clean my oven, so even if you haven’t got much budget for this, please get in touch and we’ll work something out.

How to arrange online coaching

Contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help you, then make a plan to suit you.

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