Coaching for Lecturers

Lecturing covers quite a wide spectrum of public-speaking/teaching activity, from the one-off talk to a society or conference that’s very much like a presentation, to long-term courses at university or college. Wherever you are on this continuum, whether your aim is to educate or purely to entertain, I can help you to make a success of it.

Coaching for University Lecturers

If you lecture at a university, college or other institute of learning and you’re getting negative feedback from your students, let’s put that right! A change of approach will breathe new life into your lecturing and elicit much more satisfactory results all round.

We’ll assess the slides and other materials you use, to make sure they are actually supporting the teaching and learning process, rather than stultifying it, and we’ll work on your delivery and how you relate to the students.

A session or two of one-to-one coaching and your lecturing can be a completely different, far more rewarding experience, both for your students and for you.

For a bit more detail about Coaching for University Lecturers, please see my dedicated website, Effective Teaching and Training.

Coaching for Ad-hoc Lecturers

If you’ve been asked to give a lecture to a group or at a conference, a bit of coaching and guidance can make the difference between a stressful struggle and a sparkling success.

We’ll look at how to prepare your lecture (what level to pitch it, how much detail to go into, how to explain things clearly, how to make best use of any props or visual aids) and how to deliver it (how to make best use of your voice, how to stand and move, how to connect with the audience).

If you’ve never had any coaching, giving a lecture can be quite a daunting task. Once we’ve talked about it, once you’ve designed a lecture to suit the particular audience and rehearsed it, however, the prospect becomes one you can look forward to with confidence.

How to Arrange Your Coaching

Coronavirus update: During the national quarantine hiatus, coaching has moved online.

Details on the COVID-19 Special Arrangements page.

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