Effective communication – putting yourself across – is crucial to success in every sphere of life where you come into contact with other people. It’s the difference between getting what you want and not, being fulfilled or not. Yet it’s widely overlooked as a skill to be honed, with the majority of the population either not taking it seriously or believing it’s something they just can’t do. The truth is, we all have far more control over the impression we make and the effectiveness of our communication than we might imagine.

My mission is to empower each of my clients to put themselves across authentically and confidently, so as to achieve their goals. Whether you’re concerned about giving a speech or presentation, being interviewed for a job, speaking at meetings, taking part in a panel debate or discussion, pitching for business, delivering a training course, or lecturing to a society or conference, there’s help and advice for you on this website.

Customised Coaching in Effective Communication

What are you looking for help with?

Public Speaking

public speaking coachingHow to prepare and deliver a speech or presentation that people will listen to and remember. Overcome nerves, connect with your audience, make an impact.

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Pitching for Business

sales pitch trainingHow to prepare and deliver an effective sales pitch to potential clients or investors. Focus your message, impress your audience and win that contract!

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Meetings, Discussions, Debates

how to speak well in meetings, discussions, debatesHow to express yourself so people pay attention. Reporting at a work meeting, putting your views to a committee, fighting your corner in debate: a few simple techniques will raise your game.

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training for trainersHow to prepare and deliver effective training. Create stimulating courses that participants will enjoy, with materials to reinforce their learning. Inspire and empower your trainees!

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coaching for lecturersHow to prepare and deliver an effective lecture. Whether it’s a university course or a one-off event, get your message across and the audience buzzing.

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Job Interviews

interview skills trainingHow to prepare for your job interview and perform at the top of your game. Overcome anxiety, build a rapport with the interviewer(s) and elicit an offer that’s right for you.

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Be heard. Be seen. Be understood. Put yourself across and get where you want to be.

A session or two of coaching can make a world of difference to your ability to put yourself across. This kind of personal and professional development training is an investment in your long-term as well as short-term future: the skills and confidence you gain will benefit you far beyond the event that prompted you to find this website.

Effective communication is both an art and a science – and the good news is you can learn to do it well in just a few hours.

Who am I?

TV interview with public-speaking coachMy name is Georgina Kirk and I’ve been teaching and training all my professional life (that’s about 25 years now). You can read more about me and how I can help you here.

In April 2015 I was interviewed by Sky News in the run-up to the Leaders’ Debate, part of the general election campaign.

I’ve written two ebooks to help you with public speaking and with training or lecturing.

Over the years, I have helped all sorts of people to find their voices and put themselves across. I’ve worked with businesspeople, academics, politicians, lawyers, administrators, clergy, schoolteachers, therapists, dentists, doctors, nurses, charity volunteers, media people, magicians, authors and countless individuals preparing for wedding speeches.

Based in Manchester, I work throughout the north-west of England and the rest of the UK.

Corporate clients I have worked with include:


My clients have made speeches at meetings at The House of Commons and in front of royalty at national charity functions; they have been flown across the globe to address international conferences; they have delivered training abroad in a foreign language.

Whatever the challenge you’re facing, if it’s to do with putting yourself across, please contact me and let’s see what I can do to help you. Depending what it is, the chances are we can solve your problem in one or two sessions.